April 06, 2007 15:27

I'm on a road

It's been a great days since I left Long Beach about a week ago.
I have been traveling in California and Oregon for my spring break.
I have been meeting my old friends and families.
It is so nice to seeing them again.
It makes me remind that the most important thing in my life is,
friend and a family.

It is great to see those kids are growing up in these 5 years since I have first came to the States.
It is my pleasure to see them growing up.
Most of them were smaller than me in those days but now they are all taller than me. Can't believe it, man!

Anyway, I was so grateful and lucky enough to be able to come to this area, Siskiyou county, when I was 18 years old and met these nice people.
I will keep on visiting them in my life, forever, definitely.

I'll write about this trip when I get back to Long Beach.
I'm sorry for those of you who gave me email. I don't just have a time to write you back now.
Talk to you later!

Take care all,