February 13, 2007 04:06

“People’s Perspective”

This morning I went to surf 7am in the morning. It feels so good waking up early in the morning and go to the beach.
We tried different beach today, Seal Beach. The waves were too big and fast so we got out of water soon.
After that, I went to Matt’s place and had a serial with him, for breakfast.

Then, Rogers, a room mate of him came to the kitchen to fix his breakfast too.

We started to talk. He is originally from here, but his parents are Taiwanese and he is now teaching English at university in China. He is traveling now and came to this house for a certain amount of time.

I asked him what the students in China like. He said students in China are; some are good, but some are bad, especially bad students are rich student, and good students are poor students. He said that education system in China is pretty messed up, because if you fail the class but pays extra money, then they can take an exam again and most of the case they pass the test and automatically pass the class too. Some rich students, they just pay money to get through all the exams and get a degree. It is not like here in the States, if you fail the class then you got to take the class again to graduate from the university.

Also he said that people in some part of China are thinking as “backwards”. I asked him what does he meant by that. He said that people in some part of China, especially very rural area, are not getting a new way of thinking and still sticking to the old ways, since there are not so many people from other countries to visit those places to bring a new way of thinking. Majority of people in those areas still think like, “Because Japanese soldiers were bad in war era, we still have to hate Japanese. It doesn’t matter whether those soldiers are already dead.”

Also people think that they can’t make any change. Government says, “if you don’t like China, you got to go to jail, or otherwise you have to follow our regulations”. When he asked some people in those areas in China about what makes the U.S. good country, most of people answered that “because the U.S. is rich country” or “because U.S. has a freedom. They can do anything in the U.S.”.
He said that nobody answered like, “because people have a freedom to disagree in the U.S.” or “because if you contribute to the U.S. in someway, you can always be the citizen of the U.S.”.

He said that “People think they can’t make any changes. They think if it is the way it is, you have to follow it. There is no way to change the situation.”
But at the same time, more and more young generation of people are going to outside of the village and going to get a new way of thinking like us, “we can make a change if we make an action.” In the United States, they say “if you don’t like the way in the U.S., you can make leave and go to other country at anytime”, but in China, “if you don’t like China, you got to go jail”. hahaha

I felt that people in Japan still think like some of those Chinese people too. They tend to think like “if it is the way it is now, we just have to follow it even if we don’t like it.”
When I said that to him, he said “probably the way of thinking like this comes from not only from China or Japan, probably from Asia.”

Anyway, it is nice to talk to someone from other countries and get a new perspective of the people from other side of the world. This is one advantage of living in the U.S.

“You can meet any kind of people from all over the world.”